New Journal issue

virselis-2016-18-2Dear colleagues,

I hope that you will enjoy reading the latest 2016 issue of the Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology.

In this Journal issue Musneckis and colleagues present results of a study that evaluated the association of sexual function with personality traits in medical students. Sexual functioning was not associated with big-five personality traits, but the study revealed other important predictors of sexual health among future medical doctors.

Spietinyte with colleagues studied the importance of studying habits and sleep quality for academic achievements of medical students. The study showed that the majority of medical students did not sleep enough time or had poor sleep quality that were associated with poor academic achievements. The study indicates that sleep counseling should be considered for future medical doctors.

Gecaite with colleagues examined psychological and demographic predictors for professional psychological health seeking behavior. This is an important but understudied topic in Lithuania and the study results can have important implications towards improving mental health among Lithuanian adolescents.

Liaugaudate present a systematic review of studies investigating an association between lithium concentration in drinking water and suicide rates.

We also present the World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry consensus paper on the association of homicide behavior in men with mental disorders.

On behalf of Editorial board I would like to thank authors for their valuable contributions. We are also grateful for Aiste Pranckeviciene, Julija Brozaitiene, Vesta Steibliene, Julius Burkauskas, Alicja Juskienė and Giedrius Varoneckas who served as the Journal reviewers in 2016. Their insightful comments were indispensable for successful publication of the Journal.

We wish you peaceful Holidays and Happy New Year.


Adomas Bunevicius, MD, PhD

Editor in Chief

Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology