Net_and_MeAs an addendum to the 1st COST action CA16207 meeting Dr. Julius Burkauskas has been elected, through chairman's action, to the position of  Science Communications Officer. He will be responsible for working alongside Dr. Prof. Naomi Fineberg (Grant Holder Manager/Administrator) on streamlining communication within the network and to develop efficient communications with the outside world.

Julius has recently participated in a COST organized workshop called “Science Communication training”. The host of the workshop Dr. Tobias Maler aimed to identify factors underlying effective science communication and equip as well as encourage to actively participate in communicating science online. It was a great opportunity to share own experiences and ask specific questions regarding Actions communication as social media offer an unprecedented opportunity to actively participate in the public discourse about science.

We hope that effective communication will help Actions network to efficiently present achievements and activities to key audiences outside Actions research community, such as policy makers or the media. Sharing and showcasing Action’s stories and success will hopefully boost the impact of Actions network and raise awareness of its importance.