New Issue

New Issue

Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology
Vol. 23, No 1, 2021, July ISSN 1648-293X

Adomas Bunevicius  [EN] I p. 2 Ι Editorial.

Research reports
Egle Mikone, Viktorija Grazuliene, Vigintas Vilkas [LT] Ι p. 3–8 Ι Medical doctors attitudes towards individuals with mental disorders.

Milda Dubininkiene, Aivaras Cerkauskas [LT] Ι p. 9–14 Ι Relationship of smoking with sociodemographic and diseaserelated factors and quality of life in patients with depressive disorder.

Case report

Eglė Milasauskiene, Vesta Steibliene [LT] Ι p. 15–18 Ι Residual atypical psychotic disorder and neuroborreliosis: a case report.

Treatment Guidelines

Siegfried Kasper, Wiesław J. Cubała, Andrea Fagiolini, Josep A. Ramos-Quiroga, Daniel Soueryand Allan H. Young  [LT] Ι p. 19–30 Ι Practical recommendations for the management of treatment-resistant depression with esketamine nasal spray therapy: Basic science, evidence-based knowledge and expert guidance.

PhD Theses

Saulius Taroza  [EN] Ι p. 31Ι   Associations among thyroid axis hormones, genetic polymorphisms, and acute ischemic stroke outcomes.