New Issue

 Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology
Vol. 21, No 1, 2019, June
ISSN 1648-293X

Adomas Bunevicius [EN] Ι p. 2 Ι Editorial.

Research reports
Simona Grigaraite, Aiste Leleikiene. [EN] Ι p.3–7Ι The characteristics of outpatient treatment of patients with schizophrenia in Lithuania.

Aurelija Podlipskyte, Jurgita Andruskiene, Arvydas Martinkenas, Giedrius Varoneckas. [EN] Ι p.8–14 Ι Gender differences in sleep complaints and health-related quality of life: 10-year follow-up.

Aelita Skarbaliene, Egidijus Skarbalius, Moïra Mikolajczak. [LT] Ι p.15–20Ι. [EN] Ι p.46-51Ι Lithuanian version of profile of emotional competence.

Assesment instrument/scale

Kristina Butkute-Sliuoziene. [LT] Ι p.21–22 Ι The Generalized Anxiety Disorder scale-7.

Nijole Kazukauskiene.  [LT] Ι p. 23 Ι Associations among cardiovascular status, exercise capacity, psychosocial and biomolecular factors during rehabiltation and their impact on quality of life in patients after acute coronary syndromes.


Theses of of International Conference “Current Trends and Future Directions in Psychiatry” Ι p.25–34 Ι