New Issue

Biolovirselis-2016-18-2gical Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology
T. 18, Nr. 2, 2016 December
ISSN 1648-293X


Adomas BUNEVICIUS [EN] Ι p. 63 – 68 Ι pdf_icon  Editorial

Research reports

Algirdas MUSNECKIS, Viktorija TALANDYTE, Ina RYBAKOVA [EN] Ι p. 63 – 68 Ι pdf_icon Associations of Sexual Function and Personality Traits among Medical Students of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

Angelina SPIETINYTE, Kastytis SMIGELSKAS, Virginija ADOMAITIENE, Vesta STEIBLIENE [EN] Ι p. 69 – 75 Ι pdf_icon Studying habits, subjectively rated sleep quality and academic achievements among medical students.

Julija GECAITE, Gina LEVICKIENE, Narseta MICKUVIENE EN] Ι p. 76 – 80 Ι pdf_icon  Attitudes toward Professional Psychological Help-Seeking, perceived Emotional Intelligence, and prior Help-Seeking Experience among Students in Lithuania.


Vilma LIAUGAUDAITE [EN] Ι p. 81 – 85 Ι pdf_icon  Association between suicide rates and lithium levels in drinking water: A literature review.

WFSBP guidelines for Lithuanian psychiatrists

Leo SHER, Timothy RICE World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry Task Force on Men's Mental Health [LT] Ι p. 86 – 99 Ι pdf_icon Prevention of homicidal behaviour in men with psychiatric disorders.