Vol. 22, No. 2, December 2020

New Issue

Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology
Vol. 22, No 2, 2020, December ISSN 1648-293X

Julius Burkauskas  [EN]  I p. 38 Ι Editorial.

Research report
Vilma Liaugaudaite, Nida Zemaitiene, Nijole Raskauskiene,
Laura Digryte-Sertvytiene, Irina Baniene, Valija Sap, Alicja Juskiene [EN] Ι p. 39–44 Ι Psychosocial Autopsy Study of Suicide in Lithuania: Gender Differences.

Agne Stanyte, Kastytis Smigelskas [EN] Ι p. 45–50 Ι The Effect of Elicited Emotional States on Women‘s Reaction to Food Cues.


Vykinta Zeleckyte, Greta Briliute, Vesta Steibliene [EN] Ι p. 51–54 Ι The association between women loss of reproduction capacity and depressive disorder: a selective literature review.

Karolina Laurinaitiene, Rokas Laurinaitis, Vesta Steibliene  [EN] Ι p. 55–58 Ι The role of testosterone in clinical manifestation of mental disorders and type 2 diabetes: a literature review.

Treatment Guidelines

Seetal Dodd, Philip B. Mitchell, Michael Bauer, Lakšmi Yatham, Allan H. Young, Sidney H. Kennedy, Lana Williams, Trisha Suppes, Carlos Lopez Jaramillo, Madhukar H. Trivedi, Maurizio Fava, A. John Rush, Roger S. McIntyre, Michael E. Thase, Raymond W. Lam, Emanuel Severus, Siegfried Kasper ir Michael Ber [LT] Ι p. 59–70 Ι Monitoring for antidepressant-associated adverse events in the treatment of patients with major depressive disorder: An international consensus statement.

Book review

Laura Salciunaite, Aiste Pranckeviciene  [EN] Ι p. 71–72Ι Learning to deal with Problematic Usage of the Internet. Brussels : Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST).

PhD Theses

Aidana Lygnugaryte-Griksiene  [EN] Ι p. 73Ι  Skills for Suicide Intervention by Emergency Medical Care Doctors, Nurses and Factors Affecting them.