LBPD_logoThe new President and board members of Lithuanian Biological Psychiatric Society (LSBP) were elected during the meeting on 26 of June, 2018.

The President of LSBP was elected doctor-psychiatrist Vesta Steiblienė, Associate Professor at Psychiatry clinic of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS) and Deputy director for Clinic at Institute of Neurosciences (NI) of LUHS.

The new Board members:

Vice President - doctor- psychiatrist Edgaras Diržius, assistant at Psychiatric Clinic, LUHS

Secretary - doctor- neurosurgeon dr. Adomas Bunevičius, the Leader and the Senior Researcher at Behavioral Medical Laboratory at Institute of Neurosciences (NI) of LUHS; editor of LSBP Journal "Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology"

Treasurer- doctor-psychiatrist Ramune Mazaliauskiene, assistant at the Psychiatric Clinic of LUHS and Director of JSC "Neuromeda"

Member of the Board - doctor- psychiatrist Arūnas Germanavičius, Professor at Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University, Director of the Republican Vilnius Psychiatric Hospital.